Education Is My Life releases free eBook “Education By Design”

Education By Design

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This past January the authors at Education Is My Life set out to discuss education from a “backwards design” perspective. When you start with the end goal in mind, the learning is more focused and streamlined. This month’s free eBook compiles all of our “design” articles into one easy-to-read book.

Learn about being “Life-Fit” from Jimmy Casas; how coaching and spirit play such a big role in any school from Steve Mogg; common-core implementation and culture change from Anthony Gabriele; how one project can change a class via Bill Selak; designing your own 20% time from AJ Juliani; becoming a learning designer from Robyn Hrivnatz; how to make the most of your professional development from Desmond Hasty; a student’s perspective on enjoying school from Evan Horn; a new spin on technology professional development from Dianne Krause; how to design rigorous assessments via Kristen Swanson; making sure we are growing ”think-for-themselfers” by Danielle Krueger; and how deliberate practice makes us all better educators from Kevin Dougherty.

Special thanks to Jac de Haan for his Introduction, and Vicki Davis for her chapter on “Global Education by Design”.

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AJ Juliani

AJ Juliani is a founder and chief editor of Education Is My Life. AJ works as a K-12 Technology Staff Developer running a 1:1 laptop initiative. AJ also writes, speaks, and presents at various education conferences and is currently working on a new book!

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