Every Angle and Every Stakeholder in Education

We write about education from every angle. Our writers are from all walks of life and education is their passion. We want to bring intellectual curiosity back into the classroom and keep it there. Check out our writers and see what they have to say on a variety of educational topics.

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[item title="Elementary Teacher"]Bill Selak and Danielle Krueger currently work as elementary teachers. We also have former elementary teachers including Kristen Swanson, Kevin Dougherty, Stephani Hite, and Roby Hrivnatz.[/item]
[item title="Middle School Teachers"]Amanda Dykes works as a middle school teacher in Alabama. Former middle school teachers include Anthony Gabriele, AJ Juliani and Roby Hrivnatz.[/item]
[item title="High School Teachers"]Steve Mogg and Desmond Hasty curently work as high school teachers. Former high school teachers include AJ Juliani, Anthony Gabriele, Kevin Dougherty, Dianne Krause and Steph Hite.[/item]
[item title="Principals and School Administration"]Jimmy Casas (Iowa) and Kevin Dougherty (New York) currently work as Principals. Anthony Gabriele (Pennsylvania) is a Curriculum Supervisor. Former school administrators include Stephani Hite and Kristen Swanson, [/item]
[item title="Staff Developers and Tech Coaches"]Dianne Krause, AJ Juliani, and Robyn Hrivnatz currently work as tech coaches. Former staff developers and coaches include Anthony Gabriele and Steph Hite.[/item]
[item title="Professors and University Faculty"]Bill Selak, Kristen Swanson, Dianne Krause, and Anthony Gabriele all currently work (part-time) as University Faculty. [/item]
[item title="Students"]We’ve all been students, and still continue to be students today! Evan Horn is a current undergrad student at The University of Wisconsin.[/item]


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