Using for Teacher Websites

I wanted a website. I didn’t want to learn how to create a website. I just wanted a site…was that too much to ask? The simple answer to that question was “no”. I could make a website that existed for functionality alone. But that wasn’t good enough. I wanted bells. I wanted whistles. I wanted animated iPods. Most importantly I wanted them now.  So I guess I’m more in need of instant gratification than I thought, but with the push for technology integration that my school was experiencing coupled with the need that I felt to make myself stand out a bit from the crowd meant that I had to come up with a solution fast. It’s called Wix.

Check out my Wix Site! is a website that allows users to create some stellar websites. Over 22 million sites have been created with Wix. It is completely free and completely easy to use. You have a choice of HTML5 or Flash with no need for coding and hosting is 100% free. If you have no idea what those last few things meant, it doesn’t matter! Just know that you can create a site that looks good, is easy to create and it works.

Why use Wix or any website for that matter?

Simple. Students are online for a considerable amount of time each day. If you are an educator without a presence online, you are an educator who is not as effective as he or she can be. There’s no bias in that last statement, just fact. We need to adapt as educators and begin to bring a student’s education directly to them in various ways. This includes the Internet.

What can you do with your website?

-Upload documents for students to print (TAH-DAH! You’ve gone paperless…how green of you)

-Establish timelines and important dates

-“Flip” your classroom by posting materials for home viewing/reading

-Incorporate different modes of learning aligned with Garner’s Multiple Intelligences

-Improve communication with home

-Collaborate with other educators

-Diversify your teaching strategies

-Become a more technologically and 21st century skill oriented educator is a great option because of its ease of use. There are hundreds of templates to choose from to get you started, step-by-step tutorials to aid in your efforts, and additional support is available if needed.

Make your free website at

Feel free to check out my by clicking here.

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